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What does it involve?…

A home-based envelope filling / direct mail operation involves folding letters, placing in envelopes and writing names and addresses on envelopes. Our Starter Pack provides you with all the information, knowledge and ‘know how’ to get started along with access to our members area. Our head office team are also on hand to answer any questions you may have. Register Now >

What could I earn?…

Earnings vary from person to person. It depends on how much time an individual is willing or able to commit, as well as their personal goals and levels of motivation and desire to succeed. This is an ideal opportunity if you want a flexible way to earn an uncapped income from home by filling envelopes in the direct mail industry. Register Now >

The Opportunity…

Despite the internet, Direct Mail is still as effective as ever. Many mailing houses use machines to print address labels and fill envelopes. However, as many marketers now realise, hand-written envelopes get the best results. Why? Because hand-written envelopes stand out from printed ones and as a result, people are far more likely to open and read them. Register Now >

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